At The Box in Brighton, we were very proud to sponsor yesterday’s MDHub Event, Brave New World! As time goes on the world is changing ever so rapidly, and so is business. Technology is constantly being updated and improved therefore in order to enhance your businesses growth; we must embrace them.

Younger generations are constantly experiencing the new changes to the world, and that’s why businesses need them the most. A fresh outlook on life is perfect for benefiting both students and business leaders alike, learning from each other through different perspectives and understandings of our increasingly automated world is crucial to appreciating how you can develop your businesses growth further in order to target a wider range of audiences.

When discussing the event, MDHub said ‘There was definitely a flurry of bookings but in terms of percentage of bookings based on numbers as of today, it amounts to around 17% that we would assume to be as a direct result of the video in that period’.

If you’re interested in attending any future MDHub events, please take a look at the link below for more information and updates


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