At The Box in Brighton, we have developed another platform called Hopper, where we create personalised videos for businesses to grab their client’s attention and create a more intimate connection. We have recently worked with Brighton5 who aims to ‘give teen girls the resilience, tools and courage to make a difference in their locality in the world’.  In more recent years, gender inequality has become increasingly relevant and noticed in our society, with the #metoo movement and recognition of the gender pay gap (to name a few), and research has found out that 1 in 4 girls suffer from depression by the time they hit 14. Therefore, Brighton5 has implemented a non-profit organisation that creates connections between teenagers and inspiring mentors in order to offer advice and consolation.

So where did we come in? We helped create a personalised video platform for Brighton5 to contact clients personally in order to inform them of the rising crisis in mental health problems amongst teenagers and to gain support for their organisation. After sending out the video, a whopping 25% of the recipients watched it which resulted in contributions to the cause! Because of this achievement, we hope that developing this video for Brighton5 will help make a difference to young teenagers lives and improve the world they live in.

If you’re seeking advice or interested in supporting the cause, please take a look at the link below for more information

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