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What are 2 Minute Movies?

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Here’s a short 2 Minute Movie that explains what this new service can do for you! Have a look and get in touch to receive our 2 minute movie pack to get you started.

‘2 Minute Movies’ is our fixed-price film and animation service. You can have your own 2 Minute Movie for £1,995 within 3 to 4 weeks.

These are ideal for launching new products, explaining a new service, retaining an audience and gaining exposure by rising up Google rankings.

New service – 2 Minute Movies

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More and more companies are using film and animation as way to communicate new services or products. Often this film is placed ‘front and centre’ on their website and needs to grab the viewers attention quickly.

We’ve been promoting the idea of 2 minute films and they’ve really been taking off as they can be engaging and easily fit within a marketing budget

Plus, we love making them as they’re often quick and fun to put together. Here’s the process:

We all meet up and you give us the information on your product and service and importantly what your audience is like.

We come back with a script ideas, a couple of visual style samples, voice over samples and a cost.

If you like, we can flesh out the script for you.

You sign off and 2 weeks later you’re film is ready for feedback and finishing.

Here’s a few recent examples of our 2 minute movies (or less!)

Microsoft Roadshow 2012 – Interactive Kiosk Software

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We’re delighted that Microsoft involved us with their roadshow plans for 2012. We we’re tasked with creating the interactive kiosk software that showcased their products. Once development was complete the software was installed across multiple interactive stations which toured across the UK.

Users could take part in a multimedia quiz on the touch screen platforms and at the end of the quiz they were encouraged to provide personal information and contact details. At the end of each day the information was automatically compiled into a secure database for Microsoft to access.