Ready for more revenue?

Agency support

We’re not just another supplier. We differ as we offer a set of launch materials, ongoing promotional films, documents, blog articles, and more to keep your clients engaged and informed.

We give all these materials for free as it helps us all win new business.

By adding video production to your services you then have two new opportunities for additional revenue.


The upsell – Clients approach you for film/animation content and often a bigger service offering from you can be rolled into this.


The mark-up – We provide a fully detailed rate-card and presentable quotes which you can re-brand and adjust to include your profit margin.

Channel materials

Launch materials

We provide all the materials you need for a launch email to your clients and content to add a new page on your website.

Announcement film

A short animated film to announce your new service with that explains the strengths of digital film (all on-brand of course).

The archive

Access to 10 years worth of our work, essential for demonstrating to clients the quality they can expect.

Trends deck

This annually updated digital and print document shows all the styles that are trending each year. Ideal for encouraging or guiding clients into this new territory.

Process guide

This client-ready document explains the whole process of getting a film or animation made. Branded for your business.

Social media

We supply content for a quarterly blog post and film content to keep clients engaged. It may be a short animated video or an opinion piece.

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